To Rent vs. Buy Wedding Essentials

To Rent vs. Buy Wedding Essentials

Planning your wedding will be one of the most exciting and memorable moments in your life, but ask any couple who’s tied the knot before you about their wedding planning experience and you’re sure to hear how overwhelming it can be.  

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Whether you plan on DIY-ing most of your wedding or offloading all of the work to a planning and design team, there are so many details and necessities that go into pulling off a Pinterest-worthy wedding.

As you’re determining the budget it will be worth doing a cost-comparison on buying versus renting certain items, from wedding aisle decor to your overall reception design.

There are some factors that may sway your rent vs. buy decision, so use our suggestions below as a loose guide to your wedding rental checklist.  You’ll want to take into consideration your venue choice, your desire and ability to reuse or pass down a memento or heirloom piece, and your total wedding budget and how you plan on allocating it over all your wedding day essentials.

Rent vs buy wedding essentials

Attire & Accessories

For the most part it’s easier and less stressful to purchase your wedding day attire and accessories.  This is also the case for bridal party dresses.  However, for the members of your party that will be wearing a tuxedo or suit, renting seems to be the popular choice.  


We don’t recommend renting wedding accessories.  As you’re accessorizing, think about how you might be able to wear items from your wedding again like your jewelry and shoes and those stylish details that may be worth preserving or passing down like your veil and headpiece or tie, pocket square and cufflinks.  There’s bound to be future special occasions where you may want to break out and wear these mementos again.

Wedding shoes - accessories

Wedding Ceremony Rentals

If you’re getting married in a church or other inside venue there may not be much you have to rent if anything at all, but if your dream is to be married outside here’s a list of the things you may need/want to rent plus some wedding ceremony decor ideas:

  • Transportation for you and your bridal party

  • Seating for your guests (and/or lounge furniture)

  • Aisle runner and/or rugs

  • Wedding arch or another altar-inspired focal point

  • Tent(s)

  • Electricity and lighting (including chandeliers)

  • Restrooms (for remote venues and tented affairs)

Anything you plan on personalizing like signage and paper goods should be purchased as well as florals, greenery and trees.  Think about what might be able to be planted in your yard or garden.  

Wedding decor - outdoor plants

Items that could go either way include candle holders, lanterns, vases and other decor specific to your wedding design.  You may want to create a wedding decoration wishlist and determine which items are better for you to purchase rather than rent.

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Wedding Reception Rentals

The core of your rentals (especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding) will go towards your reception design.  It’s important to find out from your venue what’s included in your price from the list of items below.  Your venue may include all inclusive chair, table and linen rentals in your package or offer a la carte wedding decoration package prices, but you need to know exactly what’s included before you write that check.

Wedding Decor

We suggest the following rental items for your wedding reception be added to your checklist:

  • Tents

  • Tables and Chairs

  • Dance floor

  • Linens and napkins

  • Glassware, dinnerware and flatware

  • Electricity and lighting (including chandeliers)

  • Restrooms (for remote venues and tented affairs)

  • Lounge furniture

  • Bars

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Wedding Decor’ Rental Tips

As you determine your needs and wants this post should provide some insight to how to best navigate your purchasing and wedding rental solutions.  Do some early research on how much it costs to rent tables and chairs for your wedding or to hire wedding decorators.

Once you know what is going to be rented it will be in your best interest to meet with two to three rental companies to determine if they have what you’re looking for and can work within your budget.  Lastly, ask to see past work and make sure to read customer reviews.