Byron Shaving Company Magnetic Brush Stand and Brush

Byron Shaving Company Magnetic Brush Stand and Brush

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The perfect gift for the groom and/or his wedding party - they're sure to look dapper on the big day!

~Byron Shaving Company~

Keeping your brush and stand on display provides a unique design element in any bathroom. This set can be the quintessential possession for a gentleman rooted in traditional grooming with shaving brush and blade. 

The stand parts are laser-cut stainless steel plate stock. The pictured SS brush can be composed of silver tip badger bristles or highest quality densely-packed synthetic fiber bristles. Other handle shapes and materials are available.

Magnetic Retention
• The original design provides an innovative magnetic attachment incorporating a double rare earth magnet system to hold the brush, after use, in the desired downward position, allowing the moisture to wick away from the mounted bristles. 
• The brush can now dry preventing moisture from being retained in the interior bristle base.
• Each brush handle contains a second neodymium magnet to attract and hold it securely to the top of the holder. 

Brush Holder
• The aesthetics and design of the brush and stand are a contemporary and functionally artistic interpretation of the essential tools for a renewed experience for the daily preparation and art of shaving. 
• The brush stand component parts are constructed of solid stainless steel. The finished stand is weighty, balanced, and stable, allowing the single-handed removal of the brush. 
• All surface satin finishing is done leaving some of the "marks of making," including processing at the steel mill, laser cutting, machining, and remaining shop procedural finishes. 
• To clean the stand, use a damp cloth and wipe dry. Do not immerse or soak. 

Magnetic Brush Stand
Overall Height: 5 3/8"
Depth of Base: 2.5"
Width of Base: 2"

Shaving Brush: Stainless Steel Handle
Overall Height: 4.25"
Handle Length: 2 1/8"
Diameter of Base: 1"

Total Weight: 260 grams

Byron Shaving Company is a purveyor of handmade, original design tools & gear for wet shaving.

Each object is built to last generations, using materials, finishes, and methods of assembly with an eye towards longevity. Each piece possesses the correct weight, balance, and surface finish for its intended purpose.

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