Byron Shaving Company Stainless Steel Shaving Set

Byron Shaving Company Stainless Steel Shaving Set

Regular price$450.00

The perfect gift for the groom and/or his bridal party - they're sure to look dapper on the big day!

~Byron Shaving Company~

Magnetic brush holder stand.

Stainless steel brush handle with 22mm silvertip badger brush knot or natural color top quality synthetic bristle knot densely packed with good “backbone” stiffness.

Brush & Stand
Stainless Steel Razor
Stainless Steel Razor Stand
Stainless Steel Lather Bowl
Shaving Soap

**choose badger or synthetic brush**

A $487 value!

Byron Shaving Company is a purveyor of handmade, original design tools & gear for wet shaving.

Each object is built to last generations, using materials, finishes, and methods of assembly with an eye towards longevity. Each piece possesses the correct weight, balance, and surface finish for its intended purpose.

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